Textile dying experiments

It has been a busy time
trying out new colors and techniques
just using books or internet
toward the dream to create 
my own textile backgrounds
for my artwork..

stretching habotai silk

measuring an all that precision stuff

creating colors charts

And putting them on canvas

At the moment I'm not sure if it could work at all
I've been investigating for years
about natural dyeing, screen printing and other related crafts
This Procion Mx, chemical dyes  which can color natural fibers
seem to me to create to much pollution to the water...
so i feel to  use it rarely .

I am trying now disperse dyes, always chemical,
but which do not require water.
The color is transferred by heat.
Let's see..

I of course do not abandon the idea 
of using already made beautiful brocades and so on, 
as I've been doing for few years now!

Lucia Para