Shop updated!

Good news!

My Etsy shop is now


with all the new cards designs

of the spring/summer 2018!

These are really the most colorful cards I have ever seen

in my range..

which seems appropriate for the lightest

time of the year!

They arrived just in time for my trip to Italy

(so that I could bring some with me !)

and it was so much fun to 

take photo of them, choosing fabrics

and objects, looking for a sunny spot

(in the Uk it can be quite a hard task!)

and also for the right food and flowers

for a color match!

I even went round the corner to Queen Victoria's house 

on the Island where I live,

'cause she's still got the best garden of the neighborhood!

And most of all , they arrived in time for 

my exhibition at the Quarr Abbey

and people literally loved them so much,

that I couldn't keep up getting them ready!

What a joy, after all the work done!

I didn't create a dedicated post for this exhibition, 

as I accidentally deleted all my pictures in the phone

but here I could rescue for my Facebook page

a little video where I show you around,

trying to keep it short to make it easier to load

in every device!

Hope you can see it!

If not, just check 


After a little holiday with my family

(we went to check the stones at Stonehenge

where still all right)

i took part in the wonderful 

Sketchbook Revival

a 12 days full immersion and FREE course

to help creative people to start and keep up

with their creative play time!

Lucia Para