The Picture Book Village

Self initiated project, a whimsical picture book display to help children of all ages wonder, located at the Mountabattern Hospice, Isle of Wight.


My own art studio

I built this little fairy tale studio with my partner as in my tiny house there was no space for art making, we used mainly pallets, and we just bough tons of screws, skylight roof and cladding for the inside. I can work there all the year around, as I have electricity, light and wifi. It’s filled with light and dreams! ~ photo courtesy IW County Press.


Floating bridge Waiting room

I decorated this seaside room where people used to wait for the chain ferry to cross the Medina River on the Isle of Wight, using prints from my art.


Painted bags

For a while I have created and painted my own bags… I used oil colours, which the fabric drank as water, and it took ages to dry. Yet, these bags are still with me, and probably because I spent with them so many hours, they are like an extension of my true self, like the objects we handle every day.